Sunday, March 08, 2009

Side Bar Update

You may have noticed that I have added a handful of links to art related sites to the side bar of the same name, then again you may not.

Top of the list is “A Night Filled with Shooting Stars”, regular posts that discuss art in an intelligent way. Yes it is New York centric, but it does have a somewhat broader approach than many others (sic Hrat Vartanian, also a new addition, but seems to think the world stops outside the city limits). The Shooting Stars post, On the fingers of one hand: Pool’s Thierry Alet reminds us that “there is no recession for independent artists”, hits the nail on the head.

I have been reading Ed Winkleman’s blog for some time now which gives a take on the art scene, again New York centric, from a gallerist’s POV. With a large and vocal following his, at times, agent provocateur approach does get the comments section humming. In fact, often it is the comments that shed the greatest illumination.

Snippets from the Manila Arts Scene” is a relatively new blog that looks at the local, well for me, state of artistic endeavor. A bit on the touchy feely side it is still a welcome change from the mostly PR related posts elsewhere.

On the photography side of things there is Ch’ng Yaohong’s discovery, discussion and exploration of Asian photography at the Asian Photography Blog. He trolls the internet looking for photography, mostly of a conservative nature, to bring to his readers attention.

And then there is Jorg Colbergs “Conscientious”. I keep going back even though I think he is wrong more often than not and his boredom threshold is a lot higher than mine. It’s a bit like the fascination of a train wreck but that said he does hit it from time to time.

So when you have had you fill here try some of the above just to vary the diet.

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