Monday, March 16, 2009

The Circus is Back in Town

Artist Cesar Caballero with a bevy of beauties at
the opening of his latest exhibition

Pinocchio has given way to the three ring spectacular. Views of both the arena and the bleachers are on view and explore the nature of the beast. The internet’s “WTF” transposes to the canvas with a cartoon aesthetic that links the transition. Anime with a Spanish twist, perhaps?

It is the blurring of the perspective, from performer to perceiver that intrigues in Cesar Caballero’s latest offering "Silence and Whispers" at Artina Gallery Café. The linking device of the 3 dots in a speech balloon cements the sense of wonder of both and raises the eternal question even if the roles are stereotypical.

“Silence & Whispers” is on show at Artina Gallery Café, A Venue, Makati Ave until 13 April.

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