Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ocean's Edge - The Photography of Louise Mann

It is not surprising that Louise Mann developed an interest in, and an appreciation and understanding of contemporary art at an early age. Her parents were actively involved in the visual arts and through visiting exhibitions, galleries and artists' studios Louise quite naturally developed a keen sense for form, color and composition and an affinity with abstract art.

Her interest in photography began in 1989 when she was given a single lens reflex camera for Christmas. It was clearly only a matter of time before the photography interest and the contemporary art knowledge converged. Louise is now using the camera to produce images where the emphasis is more on the visual elements such as line, shape, colour, tone, texture, movement or sensory experience.

The series of work presented here has been undertaken along Perth's beaches, capturing intrinsically Australian and iconically Western Australian beach life. The essence of the place and people and the way Western Australians harmonize with their beach environment has been captured and portrayed like never before. Elusive but present, the figures in these images come from an ordinary existence, but become extraordinary in the way they have been portrayed in these beautifully haunting artworks. These have to be seen to be believed, and yet again, Louise creates these effects in-camera, washing away superfluous detail to leave us with basic colour, composition and form in order that we might interpret for ourselves and connect on a personal level.

Louise Mann lives in Perth Western Australia with her husband and three young daughters. You can view more of her unique images by visiting

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