Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Look For A New Resolve

The Expat has been pretty quiet; OK almost mute for a long time, but the project that was stealing my time has come to an end. And, yes, you’re right, I was given a DCM (Don’t come Monday). It hurt, I didn’t see it coming, but life goes on. The upside is I once again have the time to spend on the Expat.

Hence the clean up, all the links are working once again, some of my dumber posts have been deleted and a cleaner and hopefully easier to read layout installed.

I will be posting regularly (3 to 5 posts a week is the plan) and I trust they will be of sufficient interest to encourage you dear reader to return often.


REVAD david riley said...

Good to have you back on-line Henry. I see you have already picked up on my new wordpress blog address. I have checked and made sure The Expat is in my Blogs I Follow list and visible on my blogs widget menu. My posting is still just about my own meandering enquiry. I will look forward to reading your wider ranging posts again. All the Best Dave.

Henry Bateman said...

Over the last five years, whilst the blog was "resting" I was surfing the internet looking at art from around the world and being paid for it. I learned a lot and amassed a pretty awesome mailing list. That will inform the post here at The Expat.