Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got Time for a Read?

Two new books that concentrate on the “how to” side of the business of art are, if not actually on the books stands, soon to make an appearance. One looks at the subject from the Artist’s perspective the other from the Gallerist’s.

In Jackie Battenfield’s (exhibiting artist, lecturer and teacher, and gallery director) The Artist's Guide: How To Make A Living Doing What You Love the art world is explained and she and offers clear and useful steps to setting goals and achieving them. And it’s on Amazon already.

Edward Winkleman’s (gallerist and long time arts blogger) How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery hits the books stands on the 14th July. Ed has been blogging about life as a New York Gallerist at his well trafficked site edward winkleman (art | politics | gossip | tough love) since April 2005. His words of wisdom are now packaged within these covers.

From The Artist’s Guide comes this arts definition attributed to Boston’s Samson Projects’ Camilo Alvarez "A gallerist will send a collector the artist's bio, whereas a dealer sends them the invoice." Whereas Leigh Conner from Conner Contemporary Art says "Ed Winkleman's book is a comprehensive reference for any gallery owner. Whether you are new to the business or seasoned gallerist, it is always wise to remember the essentials".

Perhaps artists should read Winkleman and gallerist's Battenfield.

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