Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well Played Lavazza

I have mentioned before how photography blogs resemble an 8 year olds soccer match. And we all know that the Italians are no slouches when it comes to getting the round ball into the net.

Italian Espresso Company, Lavazza, has produced a pretty cheesy calendar for 2009 utilizing pics taken by high power photographer, Annie Leibovitz. Well, some of the more astute (?) photography bloggers have labeled this pic by Leibovitz if not “the worst photograph ever made” a very close runner up.

Mike Johnston (The Online Photographer) started the ball rolling, Jorg Colberg (Conscientious) pushed it forward and Daryl Lang (PDN Pulse) set up the own goal.

Come on guys it is an advertisement not a photograph. (Yes, there is a difference and if you haven’t figured that one out yet ………….)

As for Lavazza and their internet advertising, what can one say?

Mission Accomplished.

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