Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mall Photos Left Wanting

The choice of venue can and does influence the perception of the works presented. Currently showing at Greenbelt 3 is the latest offering from Bravo Filipino, an offshoot of the Filipinas Heritage Library, with the exhibition “9 Photographers: Shared Moods”. Snaking their way through the mall walkway are 51 photographs presented in the high tech setting silver scaffold and exposed flood lights.

Without doubt the works presented are of the highest technical quality, framed exquisitely, as art decor should be. Delightful as the works maybe from Emil Davocol’s excellent rendering of fruits and bowl with its old world masters overtones to Frankie Callaghan’s reflected portrait of a tree they are renderings of objects rather than being the object itself.

All the works in this exhibition have been created by master crafts persons but none of them transcends their craft to become an artwork that exists independently of its subject matter. The limitations of the photographic medium are not tested with these works as they flit superficially across their subject matter.

For those who want pretty pictures upon their walls these are the works that will fit the bill, for those who demand a little more it is suggested you look elsewhere. “Nine Photographers: Shared Moods” continues in the Greenbelt 3 Mall to April 8.

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