Sunday, April 20, 2008

Images of a Poetic Landscape

The Australian outback is a land of vast distances, farms are measured in square miles and a traveler can go all day without meeting a fellow upon the road. It is a country that tests the resolve of the individual. It’s a country of contrasts, both benign and fraught with danger, a land of mirages, a land of primal urges and imaginings.

Fitz Herrera has never seen nor experienced the outback but his latest exhibition, “Everything Seems to be Floating” taps the well spring of that same imagining. His acrylics on canvas are landscapes of the mind, works that engage flights of fancy whilst having their feet firmly placed upon the ground.

From the nebula clouds of “Mood Song I & II” to the syncopated rhythms that lead to an overwhelming question in “Memory Spill”. From the domesticity of a life measured out with coffee spoons in “Coffee Spill I & II” to the polemic of both the wood and the trees in “What I’m Fighting for Is More Than Silver & Gold”. There is a modernist poetry in these often flat swathes of paint within the limited palette the artist employs.

As the imagination can play tricks upon the unsuspecting traveler in the arid landscape of the wide brown land, Herrera harnesses this facility to create works that can evoke a range of responses limited only by viewer’s enthusiasm.

“Everything Seems to be Floating” continues at Galerie Astra, 2nd floor, LRI Business Plaza, 210 N Garcia St, Bel Air 2, Makati City until the 1st of May.


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