Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just had to respond

I came across this quote by cowboy artist Harley Brown that just did require a response.
“A painting doesn't have to have a profound meaning. It doesn't have to 'say' a word. We fall in love for simpler reasons.”
And whilst I agree with it up to a point, how much more rewarding is the experience when your new found friend does actually have thoughts and opinions they are prepared to share. Works of art like people become more valued when they enrich your life through the sharing of ideas and the experiences that inform them. It is then when they grace your wall they become more than wall paper which through its very nature should be mute.
As my father was so fond of saying, “Marry in haste, repent at dinner time.”


Anonymous said...

Would that be only art whose opinions one agrees with or would that include art with which one disagreed?

*just having some fun, Henry*

Henry Bateman said...

I find it difficult to comprehend how one can disagree with a work of art. To do so would be to disagree with yourself as art is only as strong/opinionated/thought provoking as the facilities the viewer brings to the table. If one can disagree with a work of art and provide a rational argument to support the disagreement it is a good chance that what is under discussion is not art but propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Good sentiments, excellent answer.