Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here Comes the Judge

A Massachusetts (US) judge has ruled that there is no prohibition showing an unfinished work of art simply because it is unfinished as long as visitors to the exhibition are informed that it is unfinished.
The judge, Michael A. Ponsor, effectively said to Swiss artist Christoph B├╝chel if you are going to play the Prima Donna and spit the dummy there will be a price to pay. That price being that the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art who commissioned Buchel to create “Training Ground for Democracy,” which he walked away from in December last year, can display the unfinished work.
Over the ensuing months, since the separation, there has been a very public “he said/she said” slanging match that would have done a Hollywood divorce proud between Buchel and the Museum. Not surprisingly it was over money as the art work’s budget of $160K ballooned to double that amount. With this decision perhaps there is a chance of some diplomacy between the entrenched parties and “Training Ground for Democracy” will be seen in all its glory.
The New York Times reports the Museum’s director, Joseph C. Thompson, as saying, after the handing down of the decision, “Our mission is to help make new work and we’re very anxious to move forward.” Although it aint over yet as Buchel’s lawyer is reported as saying “We’re exploring our options for appeal.”
As they say in the classics “Watch this Space” as the “Training Ground for Democracy” saga continues its grandstand evolution.

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Waste of money.