Sunday, July 01, 2007

Party Time


I finally got my sorry derriere into gear and abandoned my hermit like existence and ventured out into social scene of the Philippine photography community. I’ve been here 2 years now and thought it was about time to network with real people.

The occasion was the second anniversary of Pinoy Photography, a pretty vibrant photo club whose online presence can be seen here. Held at the Architectural Center & Club Inc, it was a 500php a head affair which included a sit down meal, inspirational talks by a couple of Filipino photographic luminaries, a small photo competition and a raffle that had as many prizes as attendees.

My stainless steel travel mug will be a cherished possession, I actually won something in a raffle, shame about the Canon printer and the Rooscapili prints. My luck in raffles and lotteries is up there with my success in photo competitions.

The proceedings opened with a prayer as are all occasions worth mentioning here in the Pearl and was followed by a welcoming speech by the club president Raffy Yllana. The MC for the evening was vice president Deo Patalinghog of Memento Creative Image fame whose brother Russell befriended the lone kano at the event. (Thanks mate, muchly appreciated)

Veteran advertising photographer John Chua was first to impart his words of wisdom to the assembled throng along with a slide show of his work, his impassioned plea, at the end of his talk to save Manila Zoo is timely to say the least. I had visited it a few weeks ago and although small its loss to the developers wrecking ball would be a loss for all.

Parc Cruz and Borj Meneses followed with a double soft shoe act and slide presentation on effective digital enhancement for photographers. ‘Twas a shame the slides were arse about, ah the best laid plans…………The last speaker was Manny Librodo whose basic message was keeping your pics in a shoe box under your bed is not good for you or your photos. A sentiment I agree with 110%. BTW Manny’s latest exhibition Hues of Life opens next Tuesday at The Crucible Gallery at the SM Mega Mall.

Interspersed between the talks was the drawing of raffle winners which also continued during the most important event of the evening, dinner. And a fine sample of Filipino dishes were presented and enjoyed, especially by your humble scribe. I also had the opportunity to sample the famed red bubbly of the Philippines, Novellino. It wasn’t as bad as the name suggests, a bit like red sprite with alcohol and most fortunately without the lolly water's cloying sweetness.

The evening was rounded out with a model shoot with 5 models that did their best to accommodate the requests of the gaggle of photographers who surrounded them. As my first sojourn into the Philippine photography scene, it was less traumatic than anticipated with a friendly welcome from all with whom I came in contact. Will I be back for more? Well, the exhibition opening on Tuesday sounds like it could be fun not to mention the free booze.

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