Friday, July 06, 2007

Nothing succeeds like……..

Artists featured in the guest galleries have been making some waves of late.

Mark Velasquez the talented creator of “as dreams go by” has had a photo essay published in the latest edition of JPG Magazine.” Pretty is Boring” aka “The Kind You Don't Take Home To Mama” is about the joys of photographing amateur models rather than the plastic pros.

The very courageous and talented Nora Ness has published a book of her photographs entitled “Mirror Mirror”. MMM wonder where she got that title from?

And Steve Axford , the “Magic of Mushrooms” guy reports that he recently sold 4 of his fungi pics for a thousand bucks of the US kind, which when converted into his Aussie currency is a nice bit of change.

If you haven’t visited the guest galleries click on the link and see some amazing work. If you have a body of work that is out of the box, hey send us a link to where we can see it.

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