Thursday, June 01, 2006

Getting the Hang of Things

Had the occasion to catch a cab home from the Makati CBD yesterday. I usually ride the jeepneys, they are cheaper and a whole lot more fun. But being loaded down with packages, as I was, the thought of that lot on a crowded jeep was not inspiring.

As I stepped into the cab with my 6 bags of goodies, the lone Kano into the lions den, I swear I saw scenic route flit across the driver’s eyes. Advising the driver that the destination was in the vicinity of the Makati City Hall, which is due north from the CBD, gleaned a nod of recognition and verbal confirmation that JP Rizal was a good street to head for, off we went.

North into the traffic of Makati Ave, this is good I thought. At the second intersection we turned left into a south westerly direction, Ok missing the 24/7 heavy Makati Ave traffic is good. But after a couple more turns to the left the scenic route pesos came to mind.

A gentle reminder to the driver that if we continued in this direction we would end up at the wrong part of JP Rizal drew a mumbled comment about Makati Ave road works, but we did turn east. Shortly there after we started down the Zapote jeepney route from were I was able to direct the driver as to the best route to the house.

That I was able to give the latter directions in Tagalog helped although my first instructions were in English, my Tagalog wasn’t up to that one. Upon arrival at the house the driver’s English didn’t depart to some foreign land where change has never been heard of. He just started pulling it out from his stash, the fare was close to what it should have been and I was a happy camper, I let him keep the change.

He had tried it on, I had turned him round without any loss of face, I was happy and his smile when he drove away indicated he was happy with the extra pesos in his pocket.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Henry Bateman said...

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement Annoy mouse