Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Food, Food, Glorious Food.

The kitchen had a very nice holiday last weekend, apart from breakfasts it was ignored.

On Friday we made a return visit to the Banana Leaf restaurant at the Power Plant Mall. My thoughts about this eatery can be seen in “Off the Banana Leaf” post. We were joined by friends visiting from Oz and in true Aussie fashion had a very enjoyable evening, in fact we were the last to leave. If we had stayed any longer I suspect we would have been locked in over night.

On Saturday the Best Beloveds boss treated the staff to lunch and your humble scribe was invited to tag along. Dampa Sa Libis is a fish market with a restaurant attached or a restaurant with a fish market attached, take your pick. Needless to say, you eye ball your meal in its natural state which is then whisked away to the kitchen. A short time later it appears on the table dressed up by the chef to tempt the taste buds.

Being more of a turf than a surf man I am not in a position to judge the quality. But, watching the gusto with which my companions attacked the crabs, prawns, fish and octopi it was obvious, even to my untrained eye, that there was very little to complain about the chef’s skill. I had a simple fish steak which although a tad dry was quite enjoyable and my companions were correct, it did taste a bit like chicken.

Sunday was the 9th day after the passing of my Best Beloved’s uncle and in keeping with tradition a food party was held in the compound. Ate Bebes’ house was the designated venue and a mountain of food was available. Thin noodle pancit, thick noodle palabok, bar be cue pork, pitsi pitsi, puto and cochinta was loaded onto the table and relatives from near and far came in waves during the day and into the evening.

Monday saw a return to a normal state of affairs although resolutions about dieting did seem to be placed high on the agenda.

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