Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Only in The Philippines

The Christmas season in general and New Years in particular is a noisy affair in the Philippines, supposedly all the noise is to keep evil spirits at bay. (Catholic Church eat your heart out)  I wrote about it a few years ago after my first year’s experience here.
The plastic cannon featured back then has been abandoned. It’s been replaced by black market sales of the piccolo, the judas belt, the pillbox, the big bawang, the goodbye earth and the goodbye Philippines, all of which provide a powerful bang for your buck and all of which have been banned by The Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Health.  
Al Jazeera English’s “World welcomes 2013 with wave of fireworks” reported on the celebrations from Sydney to London, from Thailand to North Korea and their pyrotechnic exuberance. (Global warming anyone?) The Philippines mention in the article related to hospital’s being put on high alert to deal with injuries from home made (illegal) fireworks.
With 413 injuries that required hospitalization and one death in Metro Manila alone it was what the MSM daily, The Inquirer, described as “typically rowdy New Year celebrations”.

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