Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Week and 2 Days


My exhibition at Sining Kamalig (Art Granary) Gallery is on until 12 May. Below are some shots from the gallery.


Kaiserin Sisi said...

Are your pics printed on canvas? Thanks

Henry Bateman said...

Yes Kaiserin, They are printed on canvas using archival pigment inks and an Epson 9800 Printer with each panel measureing 20" x 48".

Kaiserin Sisi said...

Thanks! It looks really nice. Unfortunately, no one can print on canvas in Cebu :-(

REVAD david riley said...

Thanks for showing more of the exhibition Henry.

It looks great.

Unknown said...

Your exhibit is beautiful, Henry! The pieces seem perfectly sized for those gallery walls!

W. J. aka EyeSpy