Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Philippine International Visual Arts Fest 2009

An integral part of the month long Philippine International Arts Festival is the Visual Arts Fest that showcases all facets of visual arts at Robinsons’ Midtown Manila & Pioneer Mandaluyong malls. From the 19th to the 22nd of this month at Midtown painting and sculpture from all over the Philippines will be exhibited whilst at Pioneer digital photography and art from the NCR will be shown.

An impressive list of artists are participating including: Aaron Bautista, Ambet Lugtu, Salvador Ching, Patrick Chong , Anton Isip, Edillardo Paras, Nunelucio Alvarado, Danilo Celum, Charlie Co, Dulz Cuna, Adeste Deguilmo, Kitty Taniguchi, Dennis Ascalon, Gary Carabio, Wenceslao Cuevas Jr., Joe Geraldo, Paulina Constancia-Lee, Nomar Miano, Ramon Porcare, Noel Sagayap, Susanito Samate, Armando Toleza, Javy Villacin Jr., Al Nezzar Ali, Errol Balcos, Rogelito Cayas Jr., Edwin Jumalon, Jun Porlares, Kelly Ramos-Palaganas, Blugto Necosia Jr., Ambie AbaƱo, Pandy Aviado, Joe Datuin, Raul Isidro, Ramon Orlina, Buds Convocar, Arnel Borja, Jesus Genotiva, Jay Alonzo,
Henry Bateman, Beth Parrocha-Doctolero, Dopy Doplon, Tommy Hafalla, Luis Martin Harder, Rick Hernandez, Nap Jamir, Amiel Lapuebla, Miguel Nacianceno, JP Sarmenta, George Tapan, Lilen Uy, Romy Vitug, Egai Talusan Fernandez, Palmy Pe-Tudtud, Bada Torralba, Manny Montelibano, Danny Pangan, Don Gurrea, Nemiranda, Nonoy Francisco, Rosscapili, Yuan Mor' Ocampo, Valente Villanueva and Sio Montera.

As you can see I’m in some good company and my triptych “At an Exhibition no 2” will be hung at Robinsons Pioneer, Mandaluyong.


Anonymous said...

My sister and I were just looking for something(which is hard to find) in Robinsons Manila. But it's okay. Because of continually lurking in Robinsons, we've came across this exhibit.

I love the artworks there! I regret that I didn't bring my camera. It's the last day of the exhibit today, right? :(

I just bought a notebook and pen so I could write the information regarding each artwork. Is there any site where I can find the photos of the artworks from the exhibit?

Henry Bateman said...

As far as I am aware there is no one place you can go to see all the works on the internet. Perhaps googling the individual artists will take you to their various web sites/blogs where the works maybe on display.

The good news is that the exhibition at Robinson's Manila (mid town)has been extended to 26th of Feb. So there are a few more days to catch the works there. The exhibition at Robinson's Pioneer is no more.

pUsa said...

i saw the exhibit and im glad it will be extended til feb 26. i wasnt able to bring a camera [bcos im not aware that there's an art exhibit in that place]. i also forgot some of the titles of the artworks. i'll try to drop by before 26 since rob's midtown is near in our place..

by the way, MOONSCAPE is my favorite.. ;]

Anonymous said...

I've just read your reply now! I didn't know it was extended. :(

@Pusa -> That's one of my favorite artworks there too.