Friday, May 16, 2008

Is This a Real Image?

Primal Urge

Is this a real Image? Well yes, I guess it must be, it's there in front of you. (Ok, I am begging the question, but then it is a poorly phrased question) Is it a literal representation of what was in front of the lens? Well no, I guess not, it is my interpretation of the scene. Although, except for a few lines I added to highlight some edges, nothing has been added that didn't exist in the original photograph.

It was taken at the opening of Luis Martin Harder's exhibition, Unscripted.

My interest lies in exploring the why of things rather than displaying their literal representations. My images relate to a broader discourse and use the medium (captured light) to tell the story rather than just relying on the here is narrative.

I use Photoshop to make the image, but because it is made from only one negative/raw file it requires a particular approach to using the camera to get a file that can accept the manipulation. In fact it requires a different way of looking to find the scenes that will work.

Does this make it less real? Different yes, but only in so much that I am looking at from a different point of view.

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