Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bush Becomes a Banana Bender

The relatively newly elected Aussie PM, Kevin Rudd, on the first stop of his world trip in a meeting with the American King, sorry president, has dubbed Mr Bush an honoury Queenslander.

In Australian a Queenslander is affectionately dubbed a banana bender with those from FNQ (Far North Queensland) having a reputation of bending the banana further than any self respecting banana would knowingly permit let alone appreciate.

On the same day's Jeff Sparrow wrote "It’s worth noting that, according to NASA, a human mission to Mars would cost about $40 billion. George Bush could, in other words, launch seven interplanetary invasions each year for less than he’s spending on Iraq.

Occupying Mars would be, of course, entirely insane. But considerably less so than the eye-poppingly bizarre campaign currently taking place in Iraq."

Seems like a good fit.

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