Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Busy Busy Month

As you can see posts here this month have been a bit on the sparse side. It has been a busy month in other areas and The Expat drew the short straw.

I have finally got my myspace page looking like something worth visiting. You can see it here and if you feel inclined to become a friend it’s “Bateman” in the Last Name box.

The selection of images and their printing for the Canberra exhibition has been completed. In fact they were delivered into care of FedEx yesterday. I now wait with baited breath for news of their safe arrival. The invitations have been designed, the catalogue details written along with press release.

I have also been researching, writing and sourcing images for a couple of articles for the Expat Travel & Lifestyle Philippines magazine. The article about the Philippine’s Easter Shrines is done and in the editor’s hands. The story about photography scene here has 300 words on paper, another 300 in my head and 300 that need to be found before the first week in September deadline.

Once that is done The Expat will get some love and attention.

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