Wednesday, June 27, 2007

reviews on art and artists on the Web

D L Kuer is an artist with strong opinions about art who isn’t afraid to express them and she has a blog where does just that. Naked Genius - reviewing art by online artists.

She does this, “Because,” as she says, “there is a lot of good art out there that never gets noticed. And there is a lot of bad art out there that receives LOTS of notice. What I do is give you my opinion, and only my opinion. I’m not going to argue, fence words, or debate technique. I’m not going to come off as some high-end art expert, because I’m not. I’m an artist. I’m also someone who invests in art. (That means I pay money for it, collecting it.) I know what I like, and I am certainly not ashamed to say it, no matter how PC or un-PC is the art and artist.”

For a fresh perspective on some of the artwork on the web Naked Genius is well worth a visit. That she has reviewed my work has nothing to do with it Ü.

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Anonymous said...

You spelled my name wrong, Henry! *sob* Thanks for the infamy and notoriety. Oh. Wait a minute. Never mind. I did that myself. ...Thanks for the nice plug. Now get back to making art.