Sunday, January 15, 2006

Plastic Furniture

In the Land of Oz, the place I called home until 6 months ago, plastic furniture is the cheap junk furniture at the bottom of household pecking order. It’s usually reserved for out of doors entertaining and lounging by the pool.

Here in the Philippines the ever so humble plastic stacker chair is every where. From bingo halls, via internet cafes and entertainment venues to hiding under a cloth throws at up, up market soirees. Hiding under the damask table cloths at the same event are plastic tables either of the pedestal or four legged variety.

Being a tropical country, prior to the introduction of air-conditioning, upholstered furniture was a rarity. Timber furniture was the norm consequently the adoption of plastic variety was relatively painless. The appeal of robust construction, injection molding with cleverly included re-enforcing rather than several bits joined together, and an attractive price have pushed it into every day use.

Plastic furniture can now be found in every room in the average Filipino home. From chest of draws in the bed room to pantry cupboards in the kitchen, plastics have invaded far beyond the cabinets for white goods. If it isn’t subject to heat, a plastic version will be vying for attention.

As I sit here during my working day, which writing these ramblings is a part, I have my derriere firmly placed in a plastic chair. Unlike their antipodean cousins, the plastic furniture of the Philippines is a quality product. It is also damn comfortable, more so than the six wheeled upholstered monster I had in Oz, who would have thunk it.


Anonymous said...

I'm partial to wooden furniture, although my parents in Manila do have plastic chairs. My Dad loves it!

I like your photo here. Did you take it yourself?

Henry Bateman said...

We have a wooden lounge suite and the sofa is the best for an afternoon snooze. I am just amazed as an Aussie at the range of plastic furniture available and at its quality. Yes I am responsible for the photo. You can blame me for all the photos here.