Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Nice to be Asked

Just received this email:

Dear Artist,

We would like to invite you to exhibit your artwork in the next edition of the Florence Biennale.

After reviewing your artwork present in internet, the Internal Committee has expressed favourable opinion for your participation. The seventh edition of the Biennale will be held from 5 to 13 December 2009.

MMMM guess 100k other artists got the same message but when you consider that Google lists 428 million artists it could be a lot worse.

That they are aware of the financial constraints that most artists face and give enough advance warning (18 months) to get sponsorship together and assistance to get that help is encouraging.

The exhibition doesn’t receive any public neither private financial assistance. The exhibition is entirely funded by artists, that can search for sponsors independently in their own country. To those possible sponsors indicated by artists, Arte Studio will provide to send a formal request. Sponsors will be published both in the general catalogue and the website, as you can see by visiting the sponsor’s page present in our website, that helped some artists in the past biennales.

Will it happen? Dunno, but sure is nice to be asked.

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