Saturday, April 19, 2008

"I expected better from British boys."

Yesterday was a day of enforced idleness. Some bright spark decided to take out a power pole with their truck and it was the best part of 12 hours before power was restored. If you know the confusion that reigns on Philippine power poles this was not a bad effort by Meralco (the local electrical supplier).

No power, no lights, no air con, no fans, no puter, eek no puter. How to entertain oneself? Ahh the television of yesteryear, a book, a quiet spot in the shade outside that catches any gentle passing zephyrs.

As chance would have it my hand fell upon William Goldings 1954 classic “The Lord of the Flies”. It had many years since I last perused these pages. In the light of the current machinations of the US Democratic Party’s efforts to choose a presidential candidate it was an insightful read.

I expect better from liberal candidates.

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