Monday, April 16, 2007

Imagekind Delivers

It was with baited breath that I opened the solid cardboard tube that Fedex delivered last Friday afternoon. Inside were the first canvas prints that American print on demand company Imagekind had printed for me.

After removing the staple off came the plastic cap in the end of the tube, out came a couple of wads of tissue paper and there they were wrapped in brown paper. It was soon discarded to reveal, wrapped in 7 sheets of tissue paper, the prints themselves. Talk about a kid at Christmas time. Wading through packaging they were pinned to the wall to get a decent look at them.

The verdict, bloody stunning. Such depth, subtlety of colour, such life, so much better than they looked on my monitor. Being somewhat bigger at 48" (120cm) on their longest side helps, but even so they are ..................

This Imagekind mob live up to their rhetoric and then some. To say I am one happy camper has got to be the understatement of the year. Parting with these babies is going to be tough, just hope their new homes are loving ones.

Below are pics of the prints, Another Landmark Christmas and Shrine I that Imagekind printed.

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