Saturday, March 03, 2007

Votes are in the Air

The ride home in a tricycle from doing the weekly shop was even more challenging than usual today. Not only did we weave our way through pedestrians, play chicken with jeepneys and other motorized road users, but we took on road repair crews as well.

In the 4 kilometers, as the crow flies, 6 kilometers as the tricycle goes, between the house and the supermarket it seemed that every other road had a “do not enter” sign erected to protect gangs of workmen hell bent on replacing great swathes of tarmac. Not that our tricycle driver paid the signs any heed. Dodging the bobcat loading a lorry with freshly broken slabs of road surface took cool nerves and acute timing.

This surge in activity, according to the best beloved, is due to the forthcoming election. In May Filipinos get to cast their vote for Senators, Congress persons, Mayors and city councilors. The only ones not standing are Gloria and her vice president. As with elections everywhere, the airwaves are awash with politician’s promises and bill boards proudly display glowing sets of hopefuls’ teeth. Whilst also here in the Philippines, the incumbents, to show just how much they care, come and dig up your street.

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Henry, thanks for the honor of posting my project on your blog site! Fred