Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dollars to Pesos

Sending money to the Philippines is an international pastime. The greatest export industry of the PI is Filipinos working o/seas and the countries best source of foreign income is the remittances from the OFWs.
For those working in Australia and for any others in the wide brown land wanting to send some cash to the family in the Pearl of the Orient you would be hard pressed to find a better firm than Phil-Austral to handle it for you.
I have used them some 20 odd times in the last couple of years and have found them to be fast efficient and most importantly honest. All but one of the transfers went through without a hitch and the one that did hiccup was quickly sorted when the best beloved visited their Manila office. Yes they have a physical presence in the archipelago.
They charge $AU8 to transfer any amount up to $9,999.00 and their exchange rate is about a peso less per $ than the going rate, which is better than either of my banks will give me.
So if you want to send some $ to the family check them out at

2014 update
As of October 2014 Phil-Austral closed their doors and are no more.


(S)wine said...

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Henry Bateman said...

well lucky old Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The Brits are feeling lucky as well because LX left me the exact same message on my blog.

me said...

Hi Expat,

I have compared PhilAustral to and pesoe's exchange rate is I think better. service charges are the same.

been using PesoEpadala for years now too and never had any problem. Not one.


Anonymous said...

Correct, I believe PESOePADALA is better. What's best, they have this new website, an effort towards better web interface.