Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You Want Sawdust with That

Our 60 year old house is finally getting a well deserved make over. What Typhoon Milenyo couldn’t do a few weeks back when it tempted our roof to visit foreign climes the builders have succeeded to do in a couple of days.

From morning to night there is banging and crashing, sawing and nailing with quite pauses at merienda and lunch and sawdust, sawdust every where, yep even there. Below are some pics of the devastation and the happy crew who brought us this

And so for the next 3 weeks, ye gods!


Anonymous said...

that's an old house, where is that?

Henry Bateman said...

Metro Manila

Anonymous said...

I'm from Caloocan but working in Makati. Your photos are great.

i hope you're enjoying your life here in the Phils.

Henry Bateman said...

Thanks Ron and yes I am having a ball her in the Phils, as they say in the classics, I wouldn't be dead for quids.