Friday, December 08, 2006

Beer na Beer

In the great Aussie tradition of a coldie when the day’s labour is done I have been buying these stout hearted fellows a beer to celebrate the damage done to my humble abode. And of course being the true egalitarian that I am, I join them.

Now not being a beer drinker, I mean anything that you have to freeze to make palatable is a worry, this could be considered the ultimate sacrifice. A full bodied red preferably from shiraz grapes, although a cab sav will suffice if pushed, is my poison of pleasure. But in this departure from the usual with this small bribe to get them to return the next day, OMG they can’t leave the house like this, I have discovered Red Horse Beer and it aint too bad. Although it does have a kick more like that of a mule, but who would buy Red Mule Beer? As Eddy, who drinks San Mig Light, says, 3 of those and its sleepy bye byes time.

For your information, which is more than you probably need, I am typing this to the tune of the dull thuds of falling masonry and the rattle of falling mortar. Its going to be another evening of cleaning the house with a shovel.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I agree, red horse is quite strong. I'm enjoying looking at the pictures. That's how we build house here.