Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Silver Screen

Slipped the chain on the weekend and headed off to the cinema at Glorietta. They have 8 cinemas in the Glorietta mall, 4 a piece at Glorietta 1 and Glorietta 4. Interestingly tickets for the same film are 40 pesos cheaper at Glorietta 1.

Went the whole hog and had merienda (afternoon snack) at the Mall food hall. We opted for waffle dogs. A hot dog encased in waffle dough and deep fried. A very Filipino taste sensation, the combination of the meaty flavour of the red sausage with the sweetness of the waffle mixture is interesting and not as unpalatable as it sounds. In my case it was an American dog which did actually taste like the ones I had on the streets of New York. The best beloved had a German Frank and one can only surmise that the taste contrast was even greater.

Inside the cinema the first impression is of space. Unlike Oz movie houses where getting the maximum number of seats into a given space is the priority, here there is lots of leg room. One can stretch out with ease, no more knees under the chin. They are also comfortably air conditioned. I had read somewhere that it is advisable to take a sweater to the cinema in the Philippines as the aircon is usually set on high. It was just right at Glorietta 1 for wearing a t-shirt.

The movie was Mission Impossible 3. The best beloved is a big Tom Cruise fan. This I can understand, as eye candy he has to be up near the top of the heap for the ladies. Nice teeth, a great bod and can run a mile at top speed without breaking into a sweat or even breathing hard at the end with not a hair out of place.

The convoluted plot is pretty much the standard fare for this genre of movie, reluctant hero, vulnerable love interest, evil master mind and traitor on the inside. The mayhem is well done although repeating the same footage of a car going end over end in 3 different car chases was a bit cheap. And silly me, I always thought IMF stood for International Monetary Fund.

Mission Impossible 3 is to the movies what World Championship Wrestling is to television. If WWE or whatever it is called today is your thing, you will love Mission Impossible 3.

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