Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Expat 9/10

The blog has been reviewed by the Bloggy Awards and although not getting the coverted 10/10 award it did get 9/10. That being said it did receive a 10/10 for reader enjoyment, which is what it is all about. Whose smiling?

"Henry’s blog deserves a 10 for reading enjoyment, as one does, indeed, get a good peek into life and living in the Philippines both for locals and expats alike. And the Aussie point of view would definitely be appreciated by the author’s compatriots who are likely to be interested in visiting this country sometime."

If you want to see the complete review click here.

Talking about reviews did get this comment on The Streets of Manila at pissedpoet pics.

"I suppose it was destiny that you'd produce a book given your passion for capturing images of everyday life in Manila, and writing about it.

Shooting from the hip is a style you've mastered and I do enjoy the way you capture a sense of movement in your images. The hustle and bustle of the natives going about their business is certainly worthy of capturing and writing about.

Keep on taking those unposed photo's Henry - they're good stuff.

Darren Stones"

WOW it has been quite a week.

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