Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Circus Rolls On

Some political pundits are saying that there is a major push on to have the government of the Philippines changed from the American Presidential style to a parliamentary form of government, known locally as Chacha, in place by July this year.

In July the Congress & the Senate can have another crack at impeaching the President. It is this safe guard that is the weakness of the American Presidential style of government.

If you have the numbers you can tell what ever lies you like, a la GWB, and end up killing thousands and attempting to bankrupt your country and its full speed ahead. If you don’t have the numbers a sexual indiscretion and a silly porky pie, a la Bill Clinton, will see you hauled over the coals.

With politicians being the breed they are, any advantage that scores them some points will be taken. If in the process it stuffs up the government of the country, well you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs or some other inane cliché will be trotted out in defense of their actions.

What the Philippines is desperate for is accountable government that is allowed to govern. Perhaps with a parliamentary government and an appointed head of state, a la India, the plight of the country could be turned around.

It is a given that there are vested interests that have no interest in disturbing the status quo, but removing one arrow from their quiver of disabling ammunition will be a step forward

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It pains me to see that the militant groups calling for junking the Chacha and the resignation of President Arroyo are doing what they are doing without giving any consideration towards the stability of the Philippine government, something that the country truly needs. I wonder if they have given any thought to what would if Arroyo does step down. Are they willing to let the country plunge into leaderless chaos, wandering around like a chicken with its head hacked away?