Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Toothpick Named Cuddles

I have always envied those people who have widely spaced teeth. I just hate it when a tiny morsel like a grain of rice or shred of meat gets stuck between my teeth. All the wiggling with ones tongue just can’t shift the little sucker. And sticking your finger in your gob, apart from not being very effective, just isn’t all that attractive for your friends.

Consequently I am a great advocate for toothpicks. A restaurant that openly displays them has always received extra brownie points and a blight on those that don’t supply them or have them hidden away in some dusty corner.

My addiction is such that I have become an expert at shredding a match to make an impromptu toothpick when the real thing hasn’t been available. But all that has changed, I have found the ultimate toothpick here in the Philippines.

A plastic cutlass shaped unit that is toothpick at one end and dental flosser at the other. Flossing, essential as all dentists decree, is a rather gross activity best conducted in privacy of ones bathroom. With this unit the days of two handed flossing is now a distant memory. It is now possible to do a quick floss in public and be discreet about it.

A real boon to oral hygiene and if the meal gets tedious a quick swash buckle with a trusted friend can relieve the boredom for a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

Where can one buy this? At SM, perhaps?

Actually, there's a floss with a Y-shaped plastic handle which one can buy from his/her dentist/orthodentist there (I'm not sure if it's available at the pharmacy). My Filipino dentist was the one who introduced me to this nice invention. But here in Switzerland, I use the traditional floss.

Henry Bateman said...

I havent seen the Y shaped unit. The cuddles can be obtained from The Landmark, not sure about SM. Thanks for dropping by.

Joseph Rossignol said...

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