Monday, February 13, 2006

Surpise Surprise

I went to a Birthday party last night. Didn’t know it was a birthday party until we walked in the door and saw the 100 other guests. We were under the impression we were attending a tete a tete affair, old school chums catching up. Damn glad I ignored the “this isn’t Australia” advice and did the Aussie thing of bringing a couple of bottles. Instant birthday present, it was a shame about the Pure Gold plastic shopping bag.

It was a very nice upwardly mobile affair. With waiters in black and white attending your every need. Excellent food including Lechon, it was my first experience with this delicacy, reminded me of an Aussie back yard spit roast, thankfully without the flies.

A half way decent red ned was supplied to wash it down. Although I did have to convince the waiter he would travel a lot less miles if he actually filled my glass rather than bringing me a glass a third full each trip.

The background music to mask the sounds of the noshing was by a very good pianist who played some lovely renditions from the jazz standard’s repertoire. The plastic furniture was nicely masked with white slip covers for the chairs and the tables covered with damask cloths adorned with rose center pieces, quite a Victorian feel.

I was surprised that it was a knife and fork affair, took me a few minutes to become fluent with the combination again. I have been using a spoon and fork for the last six months everywhere, restaurants, home, other parties.

The view of the Makati skyline at night from the roof of their three story house was spectacular and me without my tripod, bugger. Though I think the door is open for a second visit with tripod in hand.

Around 10pm the karaoke moved from the roof to the main dining area down stairs. As we had commitments the next morning we made our goodbyes and headed home after an enjoyable evening


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are enjoying your stay in my country. Reading your blog makes me feel great.

Thank you. Mabuhay ka!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blogger:)

What an original concept!! The blog is just ample and I use it a lot!!