Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking Back

It's that time of year when a retrospective of what has been clogs both the media and the blog sphere. And in this grand tradition I too can "Baa" with my favourite 3 pics for the year.

At an Exhibition (A) © Henry Bateman
I attended a lot of exhibitions this year both for enjoyment and reviewing
(it's great when you enjoy your job)
and for me this piece sums up the reviewer dilemma. The exhibition was by Australian artist Tony Twigg at Galleria Duemila.

The Golden Gate © Pep Ventosa
Not sure if this work was made in 2008, but it is the year that I discovered it. The Turneresque feel of the piece is lovely and being a great Turner fan it just had to be in this selection.

Remembering Batangas © Henry Bateman
These pieces were actually made in 2007 but it was this was the year I found they worked as a triptych.

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