Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Skinny Kid with the Funny Name

The skinny kid with the funny name just made history today, like up there with the landing of the first man on the moon. An African-American has a realistic shot at becoming the 44th President of the USA and basically the leader of the Western World.

Who would have thunk it? America, I dips me lid, you are growing up. Grandpa v the new kid on the block, interesting times ahead.

The pundits will chew over the reasons why the kid beat the First Lady (unless she has a very strong ace up her sleeve) but I reckon it all comes down to pronouns. The I, me, we, us and our of the language of their campaigns.

In their respective speeches on Tuesday night Obama used I and /or me 22 times, Hilary used I and/or me 73 times. Obama used we/us/our 80 times, Hilary used we/us/our 40 times.

Recalls that great line from JFK, “Don’t ask what my country can do for me, but rather, what can I do for my country” or words to that effect.

QED Hilary.

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