Sunday, January 06, 2008

It’s a Shrinking World

Published in What's On & Expat, 6 January 2008

It was 4 am in Edmonton, Canada and 3am in California as photographers Sherwin Andal and Donna Samonte were seated at their computers, talking in real time to friends and relatives in Manila. Not so surprising in this age of the internet and instant messaging except that Andal and Samonte along with their friends and relatives were at an exhibition opening. It was 7 pm in Manila and early morning half a world away as the ribbon was cut to open the “Layered Images of My World” exhibition at Makati City’s One Workshop Gallery on the last Friday of 2007.

“Layered Images of My World” is an exhibition of photographs from China, New Zealand, London, Colorado, Arizona, New Jersey and Canada by Filipino expats capturing their new homelands. The exhibition was curated by One Workshop Gallery’s artistic director, Ross Capili, who searched the internet to find photographers who “present their respective worlds in an outstanding way”. Seven photographers were chosen with their works being printed, framed and hung in the Philippines.

The transformation from the small screen to the gallery wall has brought the full beauty of the selected photographs to life. There is the luscious colour of Donna Samonte’s Arizona and New Jersey landscapes. Along with the high key black and white renderings of Colorado’s Wild West heritage with modern additions by Annie Neis and the spectacular grandeur of the New Zealand landscape captured by Bernard Billedo. This contrasts with the personal response to the vibrancy and the old world charm of London by Chris Rudio and the high definition renderings by Red Ognita’s Beijing experience. Along with the semi abstract impressions of China by Moetwain and the multi layered, intimate floral studies from Canada by Sherwin Andal.

This international co-operation between a local gallery and photographers from around the world has brought the global village one step closer. Whilst photo sharing via the internet has taken a firm hold, it is only when a photographer’s work is shown in all its glory as a fine art print that its full potential is realised. And “Layered Images of My World” has done just that.

This exhibition at the One Workshop Gallery, La Fuerza Plaza II, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue corner Sabio St., Makati City continues until the 28 January. More information is available at


Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you via webcast, Henry. I enjoyed talking with you about my photos! Thank you!!!

And what a wonderful site you have, very informative and tons of great images! I love the jeepney album, makes me miss home....Manila..Manila, no there's no place like Manila! =)

-Donna Samonte

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