Friday, November 30, 2007

A Surreal Afternoon

If you’re a news junkie you would have noticed the abortive coup that happened yesterday afternoon here in Makati. For six hours a newly elected senator and an army general with 30 odd soldiers at his back along with some civilian supporters holed up in 5 star pub demanding the Philippine president resign.

Four years ago they pulled a similar stunt which resulted in them being hauled up before the local judiciary from which they did a runner earlier in the day for this reprise. The senator back then was a naval lieutenant and with the general lasted a couple of days before becoming smarter than General Custer.

Yesterdays unfolding saga was shown on TV in real time with a couple of studio anchors calling it like a PBA basketball game. Complete with blow by blow descriptions, instant replays, interviews with leading players from both sides, historical discussions, the whole nine yards. My favourite bit of the telecast was the hour long shot of an empty hotel corridor. Certainly did enliven a wet Thursday afternoon.

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