Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Art Blogs Out There

A purely subjective summary of some of the blogs related to art that have found their way into my bookmarks.

Edward Winkleman (art, politics, gossip & tough love)
Published: Daily, Monday through Friday.
I Read: Daily, Tuesday through Saturday
Tackles meaty issues that get the grey matter working, not only from the blog post but from the comments as well. Like the art & religion post that attracted 119 comments that ranged far and wide but then such a topic would. 5/5

: spasmodically
I Read: Spasmodically
Chris Rywalt attends Gallery openings in the Big Apple and posts detailed reports of his adventures in a very readable and opinionated form. BTW he finds photography boring and what I can see via the internet of what is showing there it is understandable. 4/5

Conscientious (A weblog about fine art photography)
Published: Almost daily, sometimes several times a day
I Read: Daily
Joerg Colberg is German and a scientist and takes his blog seriously. Provides a lot of posts, news and links but his choices in photography …….. well, I can understand where Chris Rywalt is coming from. 4/5

Empty Easel
I Read: Spasmodically
Dan (my last name is a secret) writes practical advice for artists, bit Art 101 really and reviews painters both living and dead in a Readers Digest Condensed Book format. 3/5

The Intrepid Art Collector (Adventures in the art market)
Published: 2 or 3 times a week
I Read: every couple of days
Lisa Hunter, author of a book with the same name as her blog, writes wide ranging posts about the art market (duh) and provides gems of information sprinkled throughout. 5/5

Art Market Blog
: every other day
I Read: every couple of days
Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist and in AMB he writes about the art market from an investor’s point of view. 4/5

Art Print Issues
: couple of times a week
I Read: spasmodically
Barney Davey writes about the art print market from a wall d├ęcor perspective rather than an art perspective. 3/5

I Read: a couple of times a week but increasing.
Geoff Manaugh writes about art from an architectural point of view with urban design and landscape thrown in for good measure. 4/5

All About Art & Artists
: Spasmodically
I Read: Spasmodically
Dawn Keur is feisty and opinionated and takes on all comers with her tirades about what she considers to be muddle headed in the art world. 3/5

The Expat
: several times a week
I Read: proof read mostly
It’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast of opinion, art, politics, the Philippines or anything else that takes the authors fancy. 10/5 but I’m biased.


jafabrit said...

It's a small world :) I am familiar with and visit some of the links you posted :) I enjoy the nyc blog and reading the comments.

Anonymous said...

You should talk, PissedPoet! You're as feisty as they come. And, btw, I took off August on vacation, but I'm ba-ack. Anyway, thanks for the mention.