Monday, February 19, 2007

Two Things I Know to be True

There are only two things I know to be true. The act of creation is in part an act of destruction and change is the only constant. As the painter destroys the canvas when they place their marks upon it, as the architect destroys the landscape to impose their building so I destroy my photographs to make my art. Also, one moment in time is as valid as any other and although a particular moment may stay in the memory longer than others, its longevity is due more to the individual than the scene.

The approach to the photographic aspect of my work is like that of a street photographer. No pre-visualization or set ups, just shoot the scene as it is presented, quick grabs of moments in time that appeal to my visual sensibilities.

Once the captured image meets up with the editing software on my computer, it quickly deviates from the street photography genre into the realms of abstraction questioning the images motivation. Using various editing filters, I deconstruct the photograph. Working with the elements of colour, line and form I delve below the composition of the recorded moment in time to build a new image that explores the underlying motivation that caused the shutter to be pressed when it was.

There is no way I could pre-visualize this stuff, it grows organically as I play in the digital sand pit. More often than not, the print bears no resemblance to the original RAW file but conveys a deeper meaning that I was unaware existed when I took the snap. And the results are often surprising, sometimes amazing and occasionally awe inspiring.

The Street photography section of the site is in the most part pretty much what came out of the camera with only minimal software intervention. In the abstract section the images have been pulled apart and rebuilt, a journey in which the image dictates what directions to take, my major contribution is knowing when a destination has been reached.

Yes, this is my latest attempt at an Artistic Statement, an essential part of an artist's arsenal in the marketing game, silly me I thought it was the pics, whatever. For better or worse the above is what I was able to come up with, if it flicks your switches check out what I am talking about at

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