Thursday, October 19, 2006

A New Yorker?

A shopping strip or mall without a Pizza Parlour or three is a rarity here in the Philippines. The major chains with their home delivery being the main culprits and now that we are in the throes of home renovation this food service is one which we are availing ourselves.

Our current favourite is the so called New York pizza. Pepperoni, bacon, olives, mushrooms, bell pepper, tomato sauce, Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese, how close it is to its name sake is anyone’s guess. Ah olives, Kalamartta olives to be precise, mmmmm, teamed with tomatoes, zesty cheddar, some crackers and a bottle of red, a meal fit for a king, but I digress.

With change from 500 pesos, 3 tired munchkins can dine on this motor bike delivered meal with scant regard for the washing up. We have tried three brands to date, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Yellow Cab.

Topping this lot is Pizza Hut, their New Yorker is a good pizza from a chain although their web site (you can order online) has a variety of prices for the same item, don’t worry the highest price is the one they will charge. Dominoes, a very large chain in Oz but with only one shop here, don’t actually have a New Yorker as such but they will make one with the required ingredients if requested, the end result is OK, but one feels their heart isn’t in it. Yellow Cab comes in at a very poor third, way too much MSG resulting in a raging thirst an hour or so after consumption.

You are, so the saying goes, what you eat and MSG just says to me cheap, tasteless ingredients. Now where to find some plump, fresh Kalamartta olives?


Christianne said...

My two cents: I actually like Yellow Cab the best, but having been raised on Filipino and Chinese food, MSG has been embedded firmly in my DNA; and Pizza Hut places a close second because of the marketing brilliance of the Palm Card.

Anonymous said...

hey listen. I will take pizza anyway I can get it. Most exotic offering thus far: in Nepal with yak cheese. Here in Morocco, it is more of the ho hum variety.

Henry Bateman said...

now that does excite the taste buds, not sure why except for the thrill of the new Ü

Henry Bateman said...

Yak cheese that is